The creators behind Touch.

CEO & Co-Founder

Sachin Pabari - Obsessed about elite performance

From the moment I used a CRM I knew this product was not fit for salespeople, hence, 85% say their sales stack is ineffective. Salespeople make or break organizations and it’s my mission to create the most finely tuned, thoughtfully crafted and fastest interface to close deals from. 

As a top-level sportsman and a highly successful trader, I have dedicated my life to searching for marginal gains in every direction to produce outsized gains. It is a natural desire for elite performers to use the best in class tools to keep pushing their boundaries and growing. 

Sales is one of the hardest endeavors you will ever choose. The top 10% scoop up 90% of the success. Everything I do is with the aim to put every Touch user into that top 10%.

CTO & Co-Founder

Kisan Kansagra - Engineering speed for salespeople

CRM’s are perhaps the most important business software in the world with the poorest performance as ranked for speed.

When it comes to engineering speed with technology there is no better learning ground than High Frequency Trading. I have seen and built solutions for financial institutions that spend hundreds of billions searching to shave a few milliseconds off trade execution times.

In fact everywhere you look speed is a natural desire for business and consumers. Faster download speeds, amazon delivery, instant communication, service response times and many other examples.

When I look at the business software on the market most in need of optimising for speed, the CRM from almost every angle could allow salespeople to work 10x faster. This is what I am passionate about achieving.

CPO & Co-Founder

Will McCabe - Weaving flow into the lives of salespeople

The CRM experience, every day, is removing almost all salespeople from their state of flow.

I believe every product is a conduit to achieve the desired mental and physical state in it’s users. For salespeople, this is the peak performance state of flow.

Understanding how to weave flow into a product takes fine tuning and years of research. Building on my background in Genetics, with a Ph.D. from UCL, I’ve read over 200 research papers on the flow state, developed my own model of flow, and a psychological assessment we use to help exceptional salespeople uncover what’s blocking them from consistently achieving the flow state.

Every step, action, or design, down to a single keystroke, experienced within our product was carefully evaluated and tuned through the unique lens given to us by our unique model of flow.

Advisor & Product Guide

Alvaro Bolivar - The guide to great product builders

I have never seen a situation where a product (The CRM) is so widely used in business (90% of all businesses) yet disliked or dare I say hated by the end-user (The salesperson).

Great companies are built on great products and experiences. My time leading products at eBay, Facebook, and now DePop has taught me to never lose sight of the product experience you are trying to create.

I have guided exceptional founding teams to keep focused on one thing only, building something their users will love and crafting the greatest experience possible.