The search for speed

As a salesperson heed this advice, the race for speed of sales workflows is coming and you need to be ahead of the curve.

We will always be on a continual journey to make everything faster. Whether it is download speeds, delivery times, instant communication, customer response, or the hundred other examples available we are in constant search of speed.

Although I am firmly focused on the sales arena now. I originate from the trading world. I witnessed algorithms take over 95% of human trade execution when technology created a clear opportunity to be faster. Many feared the change, for those who embraced it there were huge benefits.

The search for speed became so ridiculous that lies, embezzlement, and all manner of corruption were involved trying to be the fastest to execute trades. Dark Pools is a book that refers to this; a race to find extra milliseconds in trade execution speed that translated to billions for institutions.

As many will agree, trading and sales are not so far apart. 

Speed, The front line and Sales


Why do I even mention trading? Well, I see the similarities between sales, trading and what is potentially coming next.

Traders and Salespeople are:

  • The revenue-generating component of the business.
  • Continually in search of edge as the failure rate is so high.
  • In one of the fastest-changing careers bar none.

I experienced a massive change in the trading world during the race for speed of execution. I now believe that the speed of sales workflows is the next great edge we will search for. 

The first wave of sales technology was digitizing your workflows; moving all of these to applications. In trading, this was the same, the markets moved from open outcry on a trading floor to the screen enabled by technology.  As all trading workflows finally became digitized, naturally the next step was to optimize the speed of the technology that allowed you to execute trades. 

Currently, almost every sales workflow is managed by technology:

  • Emailing
  • LinkedIn
  • Messaging
  • Cold Calling
  • Data Entry
  • Task setting
  • Document sharing
  • Collaboration

This is just a snippet of what a salesperson does on a daily basis and it all involves technology. Now every workflow exists on an application, the next logical step will be the race for the speed of these workflows.

It makes total sense. The faster you are at managing your workflows the greater your productivity, the greater the feeling of being an elite performer, and the greater the competitive edge you and your team will have.


Early examples of the trend


We are starting to see the first signs of this movement in the search for optimizing the speed of workflows in other applications:

Superhuman for Email (screenshot above)  – The fastest email experience in the world with a 250k waiting list.

Motion for Chrome – The fastest way to manage your browser and multiple tabs.

Todoist for Task Setting – The fastest way to manage and execute on your to-do list.

Each of these products produces near lightning response times whilst performing your most frequent workflows. They create the most visually gorgeous and minimal interfaces to keep your mind at the peak of its performance. Finally, they all transition you to keyboard first workflows, creating massive changes to workflow speed as you never have to scroll and click. 

Using any of these products; you feel like a Michelin star chef slicing their produce, Louis Hamilton navigating around Silverstone, or a rockstar developer coding in the most extreme state of flow.


How will this trend extend to you as a salesperson?



This trend is about to extend to us good salespeople and our workflows. The CRM is the main protagonist, set to be revamped to be focused on speed. The CRM lets salespeople down on this front. Estimates say that almost 517 million hours are lost annually by sales and support agents navigating confusing and slow software. It is about to change.

Based on the trend of the products mentioned above and the more they become mainstream, salespeople too will demand:

With a few keystrokes to instantly complete much CRM data entry. 

Use natural language to sets complex CRM tasks and sales activities.

Work within a predictive interface that changes unnoticeably as you move through a repetitive workflow.

This new wave of speed-focused technology is about to greatly enhance the lives of salespeople, it will be amazing for those who embrace this. If you do, you will experience a huge jump in productivity, experience a state of flow consistently, and; ultimately close more deals.

If you want to be at the top of your game then jump on board this exciting journey before it flashes past.