Take the Flow assessment that unlocks your sales potential. 


Understand how to hack into your peak selling state.

Remove blockers that prohibit your sales potential.

Create the same conditions as elite athletes in flow.

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What do peak performers say about Flow.


The more intense the situation gets the calmer I feel. I become so enthralled in that particular moment, hitting a shot, performing a task being mentally prepared for that shot. It’s almost as if I get out of the way. 


Things just slow down and you have extreme confidence. Everything becomes one noise. You stay in the present moment and nothing breaks that rhythm. You don’t think about your surroundings, you are just lost in the moment.


It feels like everything is in slow motion when the ball is coming towards me and for the opponent everything is going superfast. In this state at times I feel invincible. It’s the ultimate feeling to have as an athlete.

What other sales teams say about the flow assessment.

MOHARA – Ben Blomerly, Co-Founder and COO.

After taking the flow assessment, I knew I had 3 very obvious blockers to our sales performance. I was raising the bar for goals too high. Since the test, I have learned about the skills/challenge matrix. This has helped keep the sales team in flow who are hitting my targets consistently.


Being in flow is everything, I have read a lot about the subject but the assessment gave me an easy way to discover what blockers existed in our sales process. Working remotely meant a reduced connection that was affecting performance. Now we prep together before sales sessions and celebrate our successes after.

DROVERNick Warren, Head of partnerships.

Our team performed the test. I realized how far away from peak performance they were. The main issue was unexpected distraction. We focused on designing our own remote environments to have minimal distractions.  Sales activities completed and calls made increased over 20%.

Takes only a few minutes

Research proves that flow unlocks your truest potential 

From McKinsey, Harvard, Sydney University & Darpa

500% Increase in sales productivity

3 Days of heightened creativity after the flow state

490% Faster skill acquisition

430% Increase in creative problem solving

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