Is Touch a CRM or an add-on to my existing CRM?

Touch is a platform that syncs to your existing CRM. Every action that you would need to perform in the CRM can now be performed in touch only faster than you can ever imagine and in the most elegant interface.

The needs of Salespeople were underserved by the CRM, hence we decided to build a layer directly above the CRM specifically for yourselves.

Upon requesting access to Touch you will be guided to schedule your tailored onboarding experience. The first step to no longer having to experience the confusing, slow, and painful CRM interface. 

How do I start using Touch?

You only need to request access to schedule a time for your onboarding experience.  

During this individualized onboarding session, one of our experienced onboarding team will guide you through using Touch live via Zoom. This session will lead to you being perfectly prepared to start your journey with Touch. 

At the onboarding experience, you will see how a new world of performing CRM workflows is available to increase your focus and flow.

Do I have to duplicate data back from Touch to my CRM?

Absolutely not, Touch is perfectly synced to your CRM so that any action you perform in Touch is instantly updated in your CRM. In almost all cases the CRM would update faster from Touch than were you to perform the exact workflow in the CRM itself.

Expect to effortlessly glide through your CRM management and never again have to worry about copy and pasting information back.

Can I start using Touch without my manager’s approval?

Yes, though we would always recommend involving your manager in the process at the correct stage. 

Touch is built for individual salespeople and gives you the opportunity to take control of your own sales destiny by choosing the best in class sales tools.

As the 1st month is complementary to use, we would recommend having a conversation with your manager during this time to discuss Touch and maybe how the whole team could benefit.

Are mine and my organization’s data safe?

This is of the highest importance. Each and every CRM that Touch integrates with we will be listed on the respective CRM marketplace. This means we have adhered to stringent checks to satisfy that all organization data is encrypted and secure.

We will also cover this in more detail at our tailored onboarding session.